The cardinal principle of USM is that the form follows the function – a simple philosophy that guarantees essential, efficient solutions. With their classic aesthetic and durable modular furniture, USM can customize furnishing solutions, satisfying the requirements of the contract, which ensures a modern twist to an apartment in the city.

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More than a century ago, USM was known as a pre-eminent producer of iron works and window fittings. In 1961, Paul Schaerer, grandson of USM founder Ulrich Schaerer, chose to take the company in a new and dramatic direction by transforming the factory from a large, manually-oriented metal production plant into a modern, industrial enterprise.

Nowadays the company counts about 400 employees worldwide, producing modular office furniture also suitable for domestic environments.

Design, Flexibility, Quality and Durability, these words symbolize the character and ethos of USM’s unique Modular Furniture System. A system designed for infinite reuse and reconfiguration. A system that increases the life of the material and improves the furniture’s environmental impact over time.