Henge creates a design that embraces the total uniqueness, the idea of connecting each client and each experience not with a piece of furniture, yet with a traveling companion.
The pieces designed find their synthesis in contrasts, diversities, releasing strong identities, adapting and living with highly dissonant styles, establishing themselves new harmonies, warmths and colours of the home.
Henge products depart from the need for a matching style, a voluntary step away from constraints on manner and form, intentionally breaking away: they are all diversified pieces, visionaries on the domestic landscape. Burnished brass using traditional methods without using chemical products, iron, heat treated Eucalyptus wood, shiny and velvety, hand finished with natural oils – completely free from chemical products and solvents; sought after stones, unusual and precious which are worked to emphasise their authenticity, natural leathers and nabuck, all echoes of the mastery of the company.
Henge is sold in Milan by Spotti.