Ivano Redaelli

Ivano Redaelli is an italian furniture company who designs and offers a complete line that covers almost all areas of the house: beds, sofas, ottomans, tables and coffee tables, indoor and outdoor seating, complements, accessories and sophisticated room fragrances.


It’s in the hinges and in the finishes tha one can really appreciate the company’s skill of tailoring, the fine attention to details, the choice of precious fabrics such as cashmere, full-grain leather, feathers that transform the product of design in a dress of “haute couture”.


Clean lines, geometric compositional versatility and sophisticated colour combinations are all elements that allow you to create a unique environment, completely customizable, in a continuous renovation. Ivano Redaelli’s textile and furniture collections are luxurious, unique, rich and comfortable: the perfect way to embellish your dream home. Discover Ivano Redaelli’s designs at Spotti Milano.