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Riva 1920

Established in 1920 as an handcrafted laboratory, Riva 1020 has become during the nineties a company producing high quality products with the most innovative carving techniques. Thanks to the many collaborations with some of the most known Italian and international designers, in few years the company has become one of the leading furniture brands for products in solid wood.


In a nutshell, the philosophy of Riva R1920 is like a circulatory system carrying the natural principles of life and time. Care for the environment and concern for the health of human beings, concepts summed up in the expression “living naturally”, are the fundamentals of the company’s philosophy.


Fundamentals which are reflected in the productive process in the exclusive use of solid wood, American woods from suppliers participating in the Smart-Wood Certified Forestry initiative, created to protect and manage forestry resources in a responsible way. This is guaranteed by a policy that for every tree cut to produce Riva furniture others are planted, so as not to interrupt the life cycle of the forests. Also, the glues we use do not contain formaldehyde or other harmful solvents. Synthetic paints have been completely eliminated. The finishes use only natural oils and waxes that further enhance the qualities of a living material like wood as well as protect it. Riva R1920 is also attentive to energy conservation, to sources of renewable energy, to the control of emissions, to the reduction of waste products, to the eco-sustainability of packaging and the correct disposal of refuse.