Bonacina 1889

Bonacina 1889 was born in 2015 from the merger of the two companies Vittorio Bonacina and Pierantonio Bonacina. In fact, in 1889 in Lurago d'Erba, Giovanni and Pietro Bonacina founded the "Fratelli Bonacina" company, drawing inspiration from the local tradition of basket making and therefore applying the technique of weaving rush and wicker to the
world of furniture. Over the years, the two brothers took different paths and thus created two companies, Vittorio Bonacina and Pietrantonio Bonacina, which only became one again in 2015. Even today, each piece is handmade by specialized craftsmen who bend the rods of rushes, they weave and interweave marrow threads and synthetic materials, giving life to projects by architects and designers and implementing a process of international dissemination.

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    Bonacina 1889
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