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Santa & Cole is a small independent brand of design products, based in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain). Since 1985, the year the company was founded, they have been involved in editing, in the sense that they prepare a work to make it accessible to the public. What a book publisher does with stories, Santa & Cole does with objects.
Founded by Nina Masó, Javier Nieto Santa and Gabriel Ordeig Cole, the company was initially involved in creating exceptional lamps for some of the most famous bars in Barcelona. At a time when halogen lamps (cold to the touch, with a bluish light) were all the rage, Santa & Cole introduced the use of natural materials such as wood, stitched cardboard or ribbons, creating a human and hot.
In the 90s, following the Barcelona Olympics, some large lamps were born, modular lamps, such as the Estadio or the Moaré, which respond to the need to illuminate public places. Since LED lighting burst onto the scene at the dawn of the 21st century, they have continued their quest for light that enhances the beauty of objects, shadows and people. The goal is always to create environments and atmospheres that serve to improve habitability at home or elsewhere.

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